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While many in our industry commoditize the Wellsite Supervisor position, NPC strives to constantly educate our customers in the importance of selecting professional and dependable individuals who provide peace of mind during drilling, completions, workover, and production operations.

NPC prioritizes paying all our consultants competitively and on time and provides them with the support they need to succeed.

Our goal is not to be the largest consulting company, but to be the best. We accomplish this mission by following three (3) cardinal rules: a) careful selection of the consultants who will work through NPC, b) selective consideration on which operators NPC will work for, and c) never compromise in quality, principles, and ethics. We know it is impossible to become the largest consulting firm if we follow those three tenets, but it assures quality of service.

NPC has been in business since 1981, and our reputation means everything to us. While other consulting firms leave both consultants and customers holding the bag when field issues, legal claims, and liabilities arise, NPC stays the course. After all, in our business, we live and die by our word, our work ethic, and our reputation.

Meet Your Consultant

At NPC, a dedicated team of representatives will provide you personalized service to ensure you get placed in positions that best fit your skills.

Should you have questions or need any support while looking for a placement or while on the jobsite, the NPC team is here and available to you 24/7/365. They will know your name. They will stay in contact with you regularly. They will visit you at the wellsite when your schedule allows it. They will work hard to help you make your project assignment a successful one.

Work when and where
you want

Work when and where you want with a dedicated team that has your back.

You have spent your career honing your skills and bringing experience to bear for every operator/producer you have supported. Having dedicated, readily available people, reliable processes, and technology infrastructure behind you allows you to work and live your life the way you please.

Whether your choice is to work as an independent contractor or you’d rather join a client’s project as a full–time employee through our firm, you can count on New Prospect to help you find the ideal fit.

Because you and the many other talented oil and gas professionals we represent are essentially our company’s competitive advantage, we prioritize taking care of you, understanding your unique interests, and supporting your employment needs to create a win-win-win equation.

Consultant FAQs

Please contact us if you have any questions that we’ve not covered here.

Are your consultants 1099 or W2 employees?

NPC offers both options. Our consultants choose their preferred method. We work with each wellsite consultant to find the employment status that best fits their lifestyle and time horizon. All consultants who elect to be 1099 contractors are responsible for their own benefits and tax payments, while W-2 employees receive numerous benefits in addition to their pay.

Who is eligible to be an NPC consultant?

NPC employs experienced wellsite supervisors who have supported well site programs in the $4 to $10 million range. Our supervisors fully comprehend what’s at stake for an operator with a half million dollar a day burn rate at the wellsite – and takes that responsibility seriously.

Do I have a choice where I work?

Yes. While much of the work is dictated by which basins are most active, NPC consultants may express their preference for where they work. Consultants have the freedom to accept or pass on any project assignment.

Does NPC work for any oil and gas operator?

NPC works for companies of all sizes and geographical presence, with a preference on operators with established track records and financial success.

What is the duration of a typical assignment?

Assignments differ by operator. Many NPC consultants work on multiyear drilling and completions programs, while others support on a few wells. NPC supports any project regardless of time duration.

How often are NPC consultants compensated?

While operators generally pay their wellsite supervisors every 60 days, NPC’s Quick Pay program pays consultants every two weeks. Unlike other placement firms, we do not penalize the consultant for participating in Quick Pay.

Do you provide benefits to your consultants?

Yes, our W-2 consultants enjoy health and disability insurance, a 401k retirement plan and market-competitive compensation.

Do you provide training?

For its W-2 consultants, NPC provides training allowances and pays for consultant certifications.

What support do you provide consultants in the field.

You are never alone in the field. A dedicated NPC support team is available to you every day of the year, round the clock. We are a phone call away, ready to help you through whatever you face in the field.

What shifts do NPC consultants work?

While tours vary by operator, most consultants work 14 days on, 14 off.

Does NPC drug test its consultants?

Yes, NPC has been using a 3rd party administrator (DISA Global Solutions) to manage the company’s illegal drug and alcohol random testing program since 2009. When an individual applies for a job, they will be subject to a pre-employment urine drug test once a conditional offer of employment has been made.

NPC consultants collaborate

Independent Contractors

Not ready to be a full-time NPC employee working in the field with operators? No problem.

NPC consultants may choose to be independent contractors who work under 1099 status. As an independent, self-employed individual, you will be responsible for your own health insurance and retirement benefits, taxes, and training and receive no paid holidays, vacation, or sick days.

But you can leave the marketing, billing, and customer administrative details to us – so you can focus on what you do best.

Oilfield worker holding a hard hat

Full-Time Employee

Ready to enjoy all the benefits of being on an experienced team of wellsite supervisors, with a back office to support you every step of the way?

Then, welcome to New Prospect Company.

As a member of the NPC employee family, you will enjoy:

  • market-competitive compensation
  • our 2-week Quick Pay promise
  • health, dental and disability insurance
  • a 401 (k) retirement program
  • training and paid certifications to keep your credentials current
  • fun perks like apparel and other merchandise


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